Let's play!

The Heidelberger Frühling In its anniversary year, it creates various encounters with festival artists through digital cultural offers

Virtual playground? Real art!

Just film a concert stage? "After a year of daily live streaming in the music world, that is simply no longer enough," both festival program planner Annett Baumeister and artistic director Thorsten Schmidt agree. Even if this is still uncharted territory in the classical music industry, the Heidelberger Frühling After the festival has been completely canceled, a diverse digital program will be on its feet in the next few weeks. He has decided to make use of the possibilities offered by virtual art forms. Because closeness, encounter and discourse about the means of art are also possible in this world.

Undisputed, it cannot replace the festival magic and direct community experience. It shouldn't be. At a time when live music experiences in front of an audience are far from reality, it is far more than an alternative.

It is a necessity that carries the exciting challenge: “Let's play!”. Because trying, searching, finding, winning and failing are all part of it when you venture into new territory. Under this motto, various program formats have been created together with long-term artistic friends, partners, but also newcomers to the festival family, which will be available between March 20 and April 18 via the web platform www.fruehling25.de and via the social media channels of the Heidelberger Frühling are freely accessible.

Online and still on site

The locations of the digital program are the Old auditorium of the University of Heidelberg, one of the most beautiful concert halls in Heidelberg for chamber music, and that Women's pool at the old Heidelberg indoor pool. The popular late night lounges and after work concerts have taken place here in a casual atmosphere in the last few years of the festival. The complex production is only possible with a sophisticated hygiene concept, because even events without an audience are subject to strict safety requirements. Without a negative Corona test, nobody can enter the production rooms, this applies to both the artists who have traveled and the entire technology and festival team. Because the health of everyone involved is the top priority.

For “Let's play!” Composer and clarinetist Jörg Widmann, pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard, singer Anna Lucia Richter, the Schumann Quartet, accordionist Martynas Levickis, cellists Maximilian Hornung and Jonas Palm, violinists Sarah Christian and Alina Pogostkina, fellows the Lied Academy, scholarship holders of the Chamber Music Academy and of course pianist Igor Levit to Heidelberg.

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This digital offer is free of charge for you. Would you like to support the work of the »Spring« artists?
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