Jörg Widmann composer-clarinettist Photo: Marco Borggreve

31.03. - 11.04.2021


With the kind support of Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation

Jörg Widmann is an artist phenomenon: interpreter - composer - inspirer. He and that Heidelberger Frühling have consistently formed an artistic unit since 2004 that has the drive to create something extraordinary for the audience.

In all of his initiatives in Heidelberg, Jörg Widmann has always adhered to the principle of the greatest possible public, and the festival actively supported it. Even the early activities titled »Composer Portrait«, »Dialogues« and »New Paths« unfold in the triangle of composition - interpretation - reception. With generally accessible rehearsals, lectures, work introductions and different concert formats, systematic efforts are still being made to retain the audience. And Jörg Widmann is always at the forefront - the enthusiasm with which he speaks about music infects people. And in 2021 the dialogue in the »Kosmos« will continue.

Wed March 31, 18 p.m.


SZ_Markenreiter green_4c_Kartusche 2.8.19

Beauty in the extraordinary? How art is created in lockdown.

With Jörg Widmann & Thorsten Schmidt, moderation: Susanne Hermanski

The culture salon of the Süddeutsche Zeitung rarely leaves its home in Munich. That the Heidelberger Frühling Turning 25 and the Munich child Jörg Widmann staying in Heidelberg is reason enough to move the discussion to the women's pool. It is also the perfect introduction to the “cosmos”, which revolves around the artist phenomenon Jörg Widmann and his personality that shapes the festival.

Sarah Christian Photo: Marco Borggreve
Thursday, April 09th, 20 p.m.


During one of his festival stays, Jörg Widmann used the time around the concerts to compose. The result is the Heidelberg version of his duos, which are now being performed by the Christian & Hornung couple. And although Widmann, Christian and Hornung are almost neighbors in Munich, they meet musically for the first time at “Let's play!” In Heidelberg.


05_5_Konzerte KOSMOS_Öfftl Rehearsals 3_Kaleko Quartet_Malte Uchtmann

Saturday, April 10th, from 12 noon: public rehearsals

Visiting the artists' study: Jörg Widmann is rehearsing his string quartets No. 1, 3 and 4 in public rehearsals with the three young ensembles Malion Quartet, Quatuor Mona and Kaléko Quartet.

There is almost a bit of the air of the Heidelberg String Quartet Festival!

05_2_Concerts KOSMOS_String Quartets_Abel Quartet by Jino Park

SAT 10 April, 20 p.m .: concert

The concert follows the rehearsals. Like in real music life. It is a rarity that the composer is even present and that both acts are public.

This workshop character has a long tradition at Heidelberger Frühling, especially together with long-time companion Jörg Widmann.

Pierre-Laurent Aimard Photo: Marco Borggreve
Sun April 11th, 20 p.m.


These two great artists and good friends not only play with each other, they also talk about it. So you can look deeply into your work and thinking processes.

That promises to be an exciting evening around favorite works and special musical connections by and with Jörg Widmann.

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